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Welcome to Takin

Takin is an open-source software for experiment planning, visualisation, and data analysis.

Selected features

The Takin tool is mainly used for three axis neutron experiments. It is able to

  • plan accessible Q-E space of TAS experiment
  • visualize resolution ellipsis
  • connect to NICOS instrument control software
  • convolute models with instrument resolution
  • compare different analytical resolution models

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How to?

For beginners or advanced users, we provide resources to learn how to use Takin.

Conditions of use

If you have used Takin, please cite the following articles:

And/or cite the software directly:

citation for download


Get a compiled version of Takin for popular operating systems here.

(*) The Windows version is experimental and does, among other things, not have Python scripting support. You can alternatively run the Ubuntu version on Windows using Windows' Linux subsystem.

(**) We recently began preparing the App Store version and are currently still fixing some sandboxing issues which may prevent correct loading of plug-in modules.

Source Code

Takin is available as free and open source software. You can either compile it yourself from the public GIT repository or get a compiled version above.

License and Privacy Policy

The following licenses/policies apply for the Takin core application (program modules may have other licenses):

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