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 {{ :panda:news_1_.svg?nolink&120}} {{ :panda:news_1_.svg?nolink&120}}
- +  * Preparing the upcoming cycle with thermal neutrons: Installing Cu-111-mono to reach higher energy transers, and Si-111-mono. 
-  * Tests on PANDA with Mario's GPR algorithm are performed.  +  * We had a very successful I2NS workshop: - thanks to all speakers, participants and organizers!. 
-  * Please agree with us about appointments until the new offices will be available.  +  * MLZ has a slogan: Neutrons for Research and Innovation 
-  * The offices in the UYL building are almost ready to use. Please note our new phone numbers.+  * Rajesh Dutta published his results on multiferroic Ba2CoGe2O7 under external magnetic fields. Thanks to  Rajesh and the team:  
 +  * Please find the extended abstract here: 
 +  * Mario presented part of the PAND-AI work at CAMERA-workshop: “Autonomous Discovery in Science and Engineering”. Please find the extended abstract here:  
 +  * We moved to the offices in building UYL. Please note our new phone numbers.
   * The first 2021 paper was published by Anton, Dmytro and coworkers. Congratulations and many thanks!   * The first 2021 paper was published by Anton, Dmytro and coworkers. Congratulations and many thanks!
   * Igor left the Pand group. All the best, Igor!   * Igor left the Pand group. All the best, Igor!
-  * Data measured in 2005 on PrNi systems are published now! Thanks Pavel and colleagues for exploiting them!!!! 
-  * Mario Teixeira Parente started on 1.10.2020 - to work on optimizing search strategies with AI methods. Welcome Mario! 
-  * Anton moved to TU Dresden. The contact will be kept, he is still a part of the Panda team. 
-  * Shang Gao's paper on antiferromagnetic skyrmions published in Nature. Congratulations! 
-  * Chris Franz joined the Panda group as a new member.  
-  * Nature Communications Physics on Heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn5 published by Yu Song, Rice University | 
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