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Hi and welcome on PANDA! We hope that you will like our instrument.

PANDA team - Astrid, Petr, Alexandre, Igor and Andi

Newcomer guide

Are you new to PANDA? You should read our short introduction guide, where you will learn:

  • about our accessible energy-moment space
  • about our resolution limits
  • how to write a proposal
  • how to prepare sample and sample holder

Learn more about PANDA

Sample environment

Reaching low temperatures, high magnetic field and high pressures brings serious limitation for sample size and signal/noise ratio. If you consider application of special sample environment (everything below 3 K and/or with magnetic field), you should read about our limitations.

  • dimensions of the cryostats
  • usual cooling times
  • restrictions in movement and reachable Q/E space
  • remarks about available high field magnets

Show Sample Environment section


If you want to learn details about PANDA, the best is to use our prepared configuration files for neutron raytracing programs.

  • McStas code
  • Simres code

more in simulations section

Data analysis

After the experiment, you usually obtain only a few kB of well formated ASCII data produced by our instrument control software NICOS.

  • Matlab macro to read datafiles with metadata
  • Python macro to read datafiles with metadata
  • UFit suite to do advanced data analysis and evaluation

data analysis section

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