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Neutron sources


logo institute type deadline beamtime where comment link
ISIS spallation 19.04.2023 September 2023-March 2024 Didcot, UK only TS2
LANSCE spallation 11.05.2023 August-December 2023 Los Alamos, NM, USA
SINQ, PSI spallation 15.05.2023 July-December 2023 Villigen, Switzerland
ORNL/SNS reactor/spallation 30.08.2023 January-June 2024 Oak Ridge, TN, USA problems with the cold source
PETRA-III synchrotron 01.09.2023 January-June 2024 Hamburg, Germany
ILL reactor February 2024 2024 Grenoble, France
ANSTO reactor 15.03.2024 August 2024-January 2025 Sydney, Australia
BNC reactor 15.04.2023 September 2023-January 2024 Budapest, Hungary
ESRF synchrotron 01.03.2023 August 2023-February 2024 Grenoble, France

Status unclear

logo institute type deadline beamtime where comment link
FRM-II nuclear reactor ? 2024 Garching, Germany
J-PARC nuclear reactor ? ? Japan webpage is not up to date, apparently the reactor works
NIST nuclear reactor ? ? Gaithersburg, MD, USA
HANARO nuclear reactor ? ? Daejeon, South Korea

Nice overview and list of neutron facilities is available at

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