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Ufit Changelog


  • Reciprocal space visualizer is possible to open from ufitgui
  • bugfixes


  • Added Reciprocal space visualizer.
  • Added possibility to change label in the databrowser regarding user preferences.
  • Added numpy to expression namespace.
  • Suppress printing out detailed report of lmfit.
  • Added possibility to map from library
  • Floatmerge algorithm is used by default for loading data
  • Average all col_ meta information when merging
  • Python 3 compatibility
  • Important fix of creating 2D maps from merged datasets
  • Several small bug fixes


  • Small changes in installer


  • Switched to git repository @ frm2
  • Old Bitbucket Mercurial repository will not be maintained


  • Fixed crashing on MacOS
  • Fix of lmfit algorithm to be compatible with latest lmfit version
  • Added windows installer and compiler
  • Allow fixed monitor scaling when loading scans from browse window
  • Few other small fixes


  • Better support for ILL data format
  • Added option to scale X axis
  • Added support of TAIPAN data format
  • Improved documentation
  • Plenty if other fixes
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