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Neutron lecture SS 2016


Physics with Neutrons SS 2016

View on the reactor pool of FRM II. Cherenkov light is emitted from the burnt fuel element during exchange of fuel elements.

View in the neutron guide hall of MLZ.

Neutron scattering is an essential tool to adress a large variety of modern condensed matter physics problems. The range spans from questions in soft condensed matter, biology and life sciences over applied materials research and industrial applications to magnetism and strongly correlated electron systems. With FRM II at Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ) being operational since 2004, one of the worlds leading neutron sources is located at the heart of the campus in Garching.

This lecture will give a solid introduction into the theory of neutron scattering. The instrumentation used for neutron scattering experiments will be introduced in detail. It will be demonstrated how neutrons can be useful for condensed matter problems with the help of examplary research done at MLZ. An extended visit at FRM II and its instrumentation is foreseen.




Friday 12:00 - 13:30, Room: seminarroom E21 - Physik-Department I - 2224 (5101.EG.224)

First tutorial: 24.4.2016 Contact: Lukas Karge, +49 89 289-11774

Content (Summer Term 2016)

• VL1 Repetition of winter term, basic neutron scattering theory

• VL2 SANS, GISANS and soft matter

• VL3 Neutron optics, reflectometry and dynamical scattering theory

• VL4 Diffuse neutron scattering

• VL5 Cross sections for magnetic neutron scattering

• VL6 Magnetic elastic scattering (diffraction)

• VL7 Magnetic structures and structure analysis

• VL8 Polarized neutrons and 3d-polarimetry

• VL9 Inelastic scattering on magnetism

• VL10 Magnetic excitations Magnons, spinons…

• VL11 Phase transitions and critical phenomena as seen by neutrons

• VL12 Spin echo spectrocopy


• Bachelor degree in physics

• suggested: course in solid state physics

• suggested: Lecture Physics with Neutrons part I


Oral exam, 30minutes. To be held after the summer term.


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