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Neutron lecture SS 2016


Lecture Notes

Lecture 18.04.2016, repetition basic neutron scattering theory lecture_1.pdf

Lecture 25.04.2016, SANS: Theory, applications and extensionslecture_2.pdf

Lecture SANS, new slides, SANS: Theory, applications and extensionssans_compressed.pdf

Lecture 2.05.2016, GISANS and reflectometry lecture_3.pdf

Lecture 23.05.2016, Dynamical scattering theory lecture_4.pdf

Lecture 30.05.2016, Diffuse neutron scattering lecture_5.pdf

Lecture 6.06.2016, Diffuse neutron scattering / Magnetic neutron interaction lecture_6.pdf

Lecture 13.06.2016, Magnetic neutron interaction, diffraction on magnetic structures lecture_7.pdf

Lecture 20.06.2016, Diffraction on magnetic structures, polarized neutrons lecture_8.pdf

Lecture 27.06.2016, Polarized neutrons, 3D Polarimetry and spin waves lecture_9.pdf

Lecture 4.07.2016, Phase transitions lecture_10.pdf

Lecture 11.07.2016, Spin Echo Spectroscopy lecture_11.pdf

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