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Sample Environment

Sample environmemt on PANDA is available and supported mainly from MLZ SE pool. Please find the values of sample space and height you need in the drawings provided by pdf-files.


CC Cryostat (liquid-free)

liquid-free closed cycle (CC) cryostat is the working-horse on PANDA for experiments above 2.5K and below 320K. To reduce background, a vacuum chamber with large diameter is available. To mount the sample, we need to open the whole cryostat, which means that sample exchange need additional 0.5 - 1 hour for drying the cryostat (depending on the inner temperature before exchange). This cryostat is dedicated to PANDA so it is available all the time and easy to use.

CCR cryostat

For reaching the lower (or higher) temperatures than CC cryostat can do, we use CCR top loading cryostats. They can be also booked without a special insert, if user needs quick sample exchange during the experiment. They cannot reach 2.5K as CC cryostat, their minimum temperatures are normally around 3K.

Following special inserts are available for CCR cryostat from the pool. They need to be booked in advance.

He3 Insert (for CCR)

He3 insert can reach temperatures from 300K down to 0.35K. Cooling time to base temperature is 3-4hours. Currently running He3 insert is very automatized and is used on PANDA very often.

Dilution Insert (for CCR)

He3 insert can reach temperatures from 1K down to 80mK. Without running the dilution, it is possible to reach temperatures above 3K. But reaching stable temperatures between 1-3K is not possible. Cooling time to base temperature is roughly 6 hours. Running dilution insert requires serious effort of the sample environment team.

He-cooled Variox (possible in combination with Kelvinox-diution insert)


Description will be added.

5T magnet MAG-V-7.5T

room temp. bore for liquid-free CCr Cryostat, possible in combination with 3He/diution inserts

5T magnet JVM1-5.0T

15T magnet

out of operation

liquid-He cooled, base temp. 1.5K, possible in combination with Kelvinox-diution insert

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