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Welcome @ RESEDA

RESEDA team - Johanna, Jon, Christian, Peter, Lukas, Korbinian


  • MLZ usermeeting from 08-09.12.2020 in Munich
  • Christian Franz left RESEDA, we wish him all the best at PANDA/TOPAS
  • The new sample table from JJ-Xray is being installed


RESEDA is dedicated to the exploration of slow dynamics and fluctuations in hard and soft condensed matter systems.

See our publication section, for the latest news on instrumentation and science at RESEDA.

Show Publications section

Newcomer guide

Are you new to RESEDA? If so, you should watch this short introductory talk and check out our introduction guide, where you will learn:

Learn more about RESEDA

Sample Environment

We offer high and low temperatures as well as magnetic fields at RESEDA. Find out about the available cryostats, magnets and furnaces, spanning a temperature range from 50mK to 1600K and reaching magnetic fields up to 12T.You should also learn about he limitations that come with some of the sample environments, to be perfectly prepared for your beamtime at RESEDA. Find all the information you need in our Sample Environment section

What's happening at RESEDA?

Data analysis

Since 2019, we provide our users with our new data reduction software MIEZEPY, free available on GitHub. See the data analysis section to:

  • find out where to download MIEZEPY
  • find out how to install MIEZEPY on Linux and Windows
  • find an easy manual explaining how to use MIEZEPY

Data Analysis Section

Former members

Here you can find the former members of the team and where to find them now:

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