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How to write a proposal

First things first:

It is important to think your experiment through thoroughly and characterize your sample as well as possible before applying for beamtime. We listed here a few questions regarding some important aspects of experiments at RESEDA, to help you write your proposal.

  • What sample do you want to measure and why?
  • What are the dimensions of my sample? Will there be resolution effects due to the size and shape of my samples?
    The latter you can easily determine using our reduction factor calculator.
  • What is the temperature range you need to access?
  • At what magnetic fields do you want to measure? Along which axis of your sample do you want to apply the magnetic field?
  • Along which crystallographic axis do you want to measure? What Q do you need/want to reach?

Proposal template and how to submit:

  • create an account at our online user office system GhOST
  • In the “home” panel of GhOST you can see which proposal calls are open at the moment, and you can choose “submit new proposal” at the call of your choice
  • The online system will then guide you through your submission
  • You will be notified on the acceptance of your proposal via email
  • The experiment will then be scheduled also via GhOST
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