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Sample Environment

RESEDA offers a variety of sample environments, such as cryostats, furnaces and magnets. You can find an overview of the available options in the figure and a short description below. It is always recommended to discuss your specific needs with RESEDA's instrument scientists, who are always happy to figure out the perfect setup for your experiment.


One of the standard sample environments at RESEDA is a top loading CCR cryostat with an inner diameter of 80mm (CCR12-80mm).
The temperature range that can be accessed with this cryostat is between 3.5K and 320K.
Due to it's large diameter, sample size is usually not an issue with this set-up.
When considering sample size it is however a good idea to consult our reduction factor calculator.

Cryostat Inserts

  • 3He insert:

to extend the temperature range to 500mK a 3He is needed. Such inserts fit into most 50mm cryostats (e.g. CCR-4 or CCR-5).
The cooling time to base temperature is approximately 4h.

  • Dilution fridge insert:

for even lower temperatures a dilution insert is needed, which gives access to temperatures between 50mK and 3K. When temperature above
this temperature range are needed as well, it should be taken into account that it will take quite some time to move the temperature across
the 3He condensation edge!
Cooling time to base temperature strongly depends on the sample. For a sample in good thermal contact with the sample holder approximately
6h are needed.
Measurements in this temperature range take a lot of preparation time and it is therefore paramount to discuss them with your instrument scientist
as soon as possible to allow a smooth beamtime.


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